Sea / Air Cargo Handling

Kinship Agency Pvt ltd fully equipped cargo handling facilities and offer a comprehensive range of logistics services. Whether handling and securing oversized cargo, shipment consolidation for transport, warehousing, crating, packaging or any other cargo handling service, trust Kinship Agency Pvt ltd handle your project efficiently and effectively.

Kinship Agency Pvt ltd has extensive experience with marine and resource industries, in plastics and hazardous goods. We understand the critical role that a good logistics provider plays in ensuring the timely, cost effective flow of supplies, equipment and finished goods.

Kinship Agency Pvt ltd can also perform a critical role in your supply chain, offering consolidation, deconsolidation and order fulfillment for a wide variety of goods and cargoes.

Our continuous success is based on a commitment to quality and safety measured on international standards.

Kinship Agency Pvt ltd Offer

The safe and efficient handling of your goods is our top priority. Our services include:

Entry of Goods into India

The Central Excise and Customs (CBEC) is given the responsibility to oversee the entry of all goods entering India territory. The India Government assigns the following duties to the CBEC:

  • To collect Goods and Services Taxes (GST), Duties, Countervailing Duties, Anti-dumping Duties and other government fees owing to the India government.
  • To ensure all goods entering India territory are conforming to Indian standards in terms of safety, health and environmental standards - essentially to protect India from sub-standard goods.
  • To administer the Acts of all other India Government Agencies that have specific jurisdiction over various regulations such as:
  • FSSAI: Food Safty Standard Agency of India
  • Plant Qurantation
  • Drug Association of India
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
  • Others..

Entry Types

There are various approved methods of entering goods into India territory. Various methods, as listed below, can be selected based on the ultimate destination of the goods, and the purpose of bringing goods into India. An Importer may be able to delay the payment of taxes, duties and

other government fees, or avoid unnecessary payment of fees because the goods are intended to be re-exported.

Consumption Entry

The usual entry to account for duties and tax collected on goods imported into India under normal circumstances. When prepared by your broker the goods will normally have already cleared customs by another method such as:

  • Risk Management System (RMS)
  • Accredited Client Procedure (ACD) Pre-Arrival Review System

Warehouse Entry

Using a bonded warehouse allows you to import goods and defer the payment of all duties and taxes until such time the goods enter the marketplace.

Value Included or Entered to Arrive Shipments

Used for goods entering that are short shipped from a prior import or to accommodate goods covered by one import permit that could all arrive on one conveyance.

For further questions on importing your goods into Canada, contact our Client Services Team. We will discuss your entry options and we can assist you in determining the appropriate and most cost effective method of entry.